in Las Vegas 
on August 30, 2019


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         congress judges     

Our congress judges originally hail from three continents and bring more than sixty years of collective judging expertise among them. 

steven cornielle  

Steven began showing in TICA in 2002 with his lovely Bengal Cats.  He has bred many Regional and International Winners under the MoulinRouge cattery he founded.  A mentee of Bobbie Tullo, Steven began as a judge trainee in 2011. Bobbie Tullo served as his Allbreed Sponsor through his promotion to Allbreed judge.  Steven has earned his reputation for high ethical standards, professionalism and outstanding handling through his judging assignments throughout Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Twice, in 2014 and 2017, Steven was elected to the Bengal Cat breed committee, TICA’s largest breed section, the first member from outside the United States.   In 2018 Steven was appointed to TICA’s Board of Directors as Regional Director for Europe South.

Steve Cornielle was TICA Judge of the Year in 2016.

 linda jean grillo


adriana kajon


Adriana is currently an Approved Allbreed Judge and was TICA’s 2012 Judge of the Year.  Dr. Kajon is a Ring Training & Judging School Instructor, Genetics Instructor.  Adriana is member of TICA’s Genetics, newly assembled Judging Committee and consulted significantly on TICA’s “State of the Cat” partnership with Wisdom Health.  She is a member of the Enchanted Cat Club of in Albuquerque.  Adriana is a passionate advocate for all cats and is devoted to her own breed the Singapura.





                        seminar speakers

                               chris kaelin, pHd
                          of Stanford Univeristy & Hudson Alpha Institute

Chris Kaelin, Ph.D. of Stanford University Medical School Genetics Lab and the Hudson Alpha Institute will discuss the insights gathered from genetic analysis of over 1000 Bengal Cats for more than ten years. Dr. Kaelin’s work is focused on the inheritance and activity of pigment and pattern, specifically looking for the genetic components of rosetting. Dr. Kaelin and his colleagues at Stanford University and the Hudson Alpha Institute have involved the Bengal Cat breeding community in much of their work.  The collaboration has been responsible for the discovery of previously unidentified genetic mutations in cats such as classic tabby and glitter


katie lytle, dvm
of Wisdom Health 

Katie Lytle, DVM of Wisdom Health collaborates with her team of scientists and researchers to bring scientific solutions to pet breeders and owners.  Dr. Lytle led the collaboration with TICA for the “State of the Cat” study resulting in the genetic screening of more than 1,000 TICA registered pedigreed cats of all breeds.  This kind of analysis, shared with breeders & owners is groundbreaking in the global marketplace, allowing informed decision making by breeders.  Dr. Lytle continues to innovate for all pet lovers and actively seeks ways to involve the cat breeding community.