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I am Karen Sausman, the owner of Kingsmark. I would like to help you find the Bengal of your dreams. Breeding quality Bengals is a wonderful hobby for me, so finding the perfect match for my  kitten and  its new owner is far more important to me than just selling a kitten. If I do not have just the right  kitten or cat for you, I will try to put you in contact with another reputable breeder.  

I have been involved with the careful breeding of animals both as a profession and an avocation for over 40 years. As a conservation biologist, I am involved with international breeding programs for many endangered species of antelopes and cats. I managed breeding programs and studbooks for several species. I am also the retired director of one of 200 accredited zoological parks in the US. 

When I'm not working, I have been breeding horses, dogs and, now cats since the 1960s. I bring the same care to the breeding of quality Bengals that I use with some of the most endangered animals on earth. Indeed, it is my love of all wildlife coupled with the firm conviction that wild animals should not be kept as pets because of the incredible commitment it takes to care for them properly, that lead me to help develop the Bengal as an exciting and much more fulfilling substitute. 

I have also created a domestic breed, the Serengeti Cat, which resembles a miniature serval, long legs & clear black spots, without using servals in my breeding program. See my Serengeti Cats by clicking below.

Kingsmark is a small cattery of very high quality Bengals. I specialize in Bengals with very wild looking faces and strong, miniature leopard-like bodies. My Bengals feature large dark spots and rosettes on very light golden glittered bodies. Most importantly, I carefully breed for healthy, sweet, and confident kittens and cats. After all, Bengals are first and foremost loving pets. I breed for rosettes and large spots, but periodically also produce tri-colored marbles and leopard & marble seal sepia & seal mink snows. I also have a silver and seal lynx point bengal program. 

Kingsmark is a TICA & CFA registered cattery and I am an active member of The International Bengal Cat Society. Because of work schedules I do not show my cats as often as I would like, but I do stay involved in all aspects of the cat fancy. I provide written health contracts with any cat or kitten that leaves my cattery. My stud cats are occasionally available to quality outside females based on health, appearance and pedigree.

Enjoy the rest of my website.  Inquiries about my breeding program, as well as Bengal Cats in general, are welcome.




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