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They are listed in alphabetical order


Kingsmark Ahila
Blu Jamul x Kingsmark Bint Zuleika

Ahila is the daughter of BZ bred to an Indian Mau of huge bone and giant spots. Ahila has excellant Serengeti ears. They are on top of her, large, rounded on the end and have a deep bell (the part of the ears nearest the skull). She doesn't have as much ticking 

Kingsmark Alaadri

Alaadri was the daughter of Kingsmark Amir and Kingsmark Bint Zuleika (BZ). She was the mother of WatWat. She lives happly as a beloved pet.

Kingsmark Amache
Kingsmark Safii x Kingsmark Taj

 She was born in October and is 4 months old in these photos.  She has nice clear golden coat, huge eyes and developing great ear set

Kingsmark Amir

Amir was the son of BZ bred to the pure Bengal male Magic Marker. He was a big cat with a beautiful head. His ears were small because of his Bengal father but he had the long legs of his mother.

Spotsonthelake Cougar x Kingsmark Shakiera

Ajabu was born on August 24, 2008.  She has made some lovely kittens.  She is now in a loving pet home

Kingsmark Aziza

Aziza is the litter sister to Ahila. Her ears are also on top of her head but they are not quite as wide. Her spots are blacker than her sister's or her mother's. She has big round eyes and good whisker pads. She is now a pet.



Kingsmark Silver Zambesi x Kingsmark Sheena

Baringa was born in October 2011.  She is 8 months old in these photos.  She is a sweet girl with nice dark markings.

Kingsmark Silver Badr x Kingsmark Raki

BB was born February 14, 2009.  She is a sweet girl that maked wonderful kittens


Kingsmark Binti Ya Moshi Kabeti - "Binti"
Smokey Gentleman of Kingsmark x Kingsmark Kabeti

Smokey Gentleman of Kingsmark x Kingsmark Bint Bint Bakara


This beautiful boy made some lovely kittens for me.

Kingsmark Crikket of Mystichills

Crikket is the daughter of Wat Wat and Promise making her 1/2 Serengeti and 1/2 Bengal. She has produced many beautiful Serengeti kittens all of which have her loving personality.

Kingsmark "Dusty"
Kingsmark Silver Quest x Kingsmark Shakiera

Beautiful cat sent to the UK for Lesley Dart

Kingsmark Eklipse

Eklipse is 1/2 Oriental shorthair and 1/2 F3 Bengal. He is a big cat with lots of leg. He loves everyone. He is gray with large black spots, the darkest of the spotted colors we produce. It is called charcoal spotted. Charcoal spotted cats have wonderful, almost white, face markings which give them a wild expression.

Excaliper of Kingsmark

Excaliper is very sweet and confident. His kittens have his outgoing personality.

Mystichills Fadjur

Fadjur was the son of a pure bengal male and Kingsmark Maya, a Serengeti female. Fadjur had a very clear coat with dark markings but his legs were not as long as is needed for Serengetis.



Sehnsational Silver Adonis x Kingsmark Kabeti

Kingsmark Golden Zipper
Kingmark Taro's Image x Kingsmark Silver Bakari


Zipper is a sweet golden girl with a nice face and body.  She is 4 months old in these photos.  She is now in Russia.


Kingsmark Silver Chalice x Kingsmark Kibeti

Born September, 2010, Hadsi is a very lovely golden boy with good markings.  He is sweet and good size.

Kingsmark Hadsi x Noahsclark Silver Pearlette

Born December 28, 2011, this beautiful boy will be siring the next generation of Kingsmark Serengetis

Kingsmark Halima

Halima is the daughter of Khalifa and Mystichills Fadjur. She had one litter for Kingsmark which produced the single girl kitten - Safii. Halima is now in a pet home.

Kingsmark Hirzan  
Kingsmark Chances Are x Kingsmark Klalifa

This female is the daughter of Kingsmark Khalifa bred to the pure bengal male, Kingsmark Chances Are.  She had a great face with large round dark eyes and a warm golden coat.

Mystichills Joei

as a kitten

Joie is a very large cat with long legs and good size ears. He is gold with dark brown markings. His confident personality is important to future generations of Serengetis. He is the son of Kingsmark Karoo and Kingsmark Mitzu both of Mystichills.

Kingsmark Karoo of Mystichills

Karoo was the large gold and brown son of Aziza bred to "JD". This successful cross produced several nice male kittens that have gone on producing excellant Serengetis

Kingsmark Kairo 

Kairo was the sister to Khalifa. She produced one litter before she became a sweet pet.

Spotsonthelake Cougar x Kingsmark Silver Emirl

Kibeti was born in September 2007.  She is extremely sweet and confident.  She has a beautiful random pattern and lovely golden colorShe has made some lovely kittens. She is retired.

Kingsmark Khalari

Kingsmark Taro's Image x Kingsmark Silver Bakari


Thus beautiful girl is now in Germany where she is part of a Serengeti breeding program.

Kingsmark Khalifa

Khalifa is the daughter of Kingsmark Aziza and Kingsmark Masaii. She has an oriental face but very nice round eyes and her ears on placed nicely on top of her head. She is tan with black markings.

PinyonPride Frosted Desire (Bengal) x Kingsmark Kibeti -



Krishina was born September 24, 2008.  She has her mother's good ear shape and her father's clear coat.  She is now in a loving pet home.

Kingsmark Maasi

Maasi is the young son of Ahila bred back to a clear coated, black spotted pure Bengal male. The breeding certainly helped clear more of the ticking out of the coat and gave more size, however it also shortened the legs and reduced the ear size. He was bred to females that are either pure oriental or 3/4 oriental as part of the breeding program to work towards long legs, large ears AND clear coats.

Kingsmark Mali
Kingsmark Aliha x Kingsmark Rafiki

Mali is a very pretty female with a nice personality. She has golden hazel eyes.

Kingsmark Maralal    
Kingsmark Aliha x Pzazz Sweet Mister

Maralal is a very sweet young female.  While she looks a bit oriental and doesn't have dark, clear markings, she does have nice size and a lovely temperament.  She also has golden hazel eyes that are nearly round.  She is spayed and living as a sweet pet

Kingsmark Maya of Mystichills

Maya is the daughter of Ahila and Joykatz Black Jag, a pure Bengal male. Maya has produces some wonderful kittens for Lynn Palmer at Mystichills.

Kingsmark Mitzu of Mystichills

Mitzu has produced many wonderful Serengetis for Lynn Palmer at Mystichills. Her father was a pure Bengal - Joykatz Fox Fyre and her mother is Ahila who is still producing great Serengetis at Kingsmark

Kingsmark Myrlyn

Myrlyn was a big sweet cat. He had a good face and nice expression. He is now in a loving pet home.


Kingsmark Nahla
Kingsmark Maralal x Kingsmark Taj

This girl is with Cathy Petty.  She was born in October 2004 and is 4 months old in these photos.  Nice round ears, black spots and big round eyes.


Bel Canto Charleston - OS - x Kingsmark Silver Pearl -

Lette came to me from Debra Clark.  Lette's sire is an oriental shorthair and provides me with new bloodlines to work with.  Lette is a sweet, elegant girl with a bright light silver coat and ramdom black markings.  Thank you, Debra, for sending her to me.

Kingsmark Rafiki
Xcaliper of Kingsmark x Kingswood Farah of Kingsmark

Rafiki is a big, sweet boy. His pattern could be a lot clearer, but he makes up for it with his size and outgoing temperment. 

Spotsonthelake Cougar x Kingsmark Silver Baraka

Raki is a very lovely golden girl with good markings. Her first litter was wonderful and so I kept a boy and a girl.


Kingsmark Safii - "Safii"  - RETIRED AND LIVING AT KINGSMARK
Mystichills Joei x Kingsmark Halima

Safii was the first Serengeti to really show me that the breed could be really special.  She is quite a character. She has wonderful ears and a good body. Best of all, she has spots all over her flanks and down her back legs just like a serval !  Her breeding career may be over but she is still a wonderful representative of the breed.

Abundadots Serena
Kingsmark K'Spock x Kingsmark Kairo

This girl is with Suzanne Merrill in Canada

Kingsmark Shakiera 
Kingsmark Taj x Kingsmark Maralal 


Kiera has large ears and a nice pattern. She is 8 months old in these photos.

Kingsmark Silver Chalice x Kingsmark Silver Emirl

Sheena is a sweet girl that is with my friend Valerie Abel where she is a house cat and still will make some future generation kittens.  She is 4 months old in these photos.

Kingsmark Silver Badr - "Badr"
Kingsmark Silver Sayer x Kingsmark Safii


 He has a great pattern and nice round eyes and an excellent profile.

Kingsmark Silver Bakari
Kingsmark Silver Sayer x Kingsmark Safii


Bakari has medium  well set ears and a open random pattern. She has good eye color. She is now in the UK.

Kingsmark Silver Badr x TheKarakashKats Zulu

This lovely girl brings a new bloodline to Kingsmark.  She has her mother's deep gold eyes and her father's clearer coat.  She needs longer legs, but she producs well.  She loves everyone, too.

Kingmark Silver Chalice - "Tarzan"
Kingsmark Kahsai x Kingsmark Silver Sunari

This lovely boy had a wonderful breeding career.  He is a good sized and sweet young male that made a great contribution to my program.

Kingsmark Silver Badr x Kingsmark Silver Bakari


This silver girl was created especially to be used to set type and then be outcrossed to new bengal or serengeti lines.  She is sweet and loves the show ring.

Kingsmark Hadsi x Kingsmark Kita



Kingsmark Silver Chalice x Kingsmark Krishina

Helmi photos - thank you

Zeema is with Dr Susan Sehn at Sehnsational Cattery in Arizona.  She is being shown and has now produced her first litter with Zambesi.

Kingsmark Silver Sayer
Kingsmark Original Silver x Kingsmark Maralal

Sayer is the son of a pure bengal male and a serengeti female.  He has wonderful markings on a clear silver coat.

Kingsmark Silver Zambezi - "Zam"
Pinyonpride Exotic Desire (Bengal)  x Kingsmark Bint Zulu

Zambesi is a big, sweet cat.  He was born in Demember 2008.  He has a very clear coat, good pattern and nice body & legs. His ears are a bit small because of his bengal sire, but bred to girls with large ears he  produces lovely kittens.

Kingsmark K'Spock
Andiescats Dobro Man x Kingsmark Aziza

This boy is with Suzanne Merrill in Canada

Kingsmark Taj
Kingsmark Hirzan x Millwood Ebony Filigree

This boy is 3/4 bengal. 

Koppikatz Dream Weaver x Kingsmark Silver Kita

TUMAINI is 1/2 bengal and 1/2 Serengeti.

Kingsmark Wat Wat

Wat Wat - known as Batly - inherited a very oriental body and ears from his father JD but he was much larger and had a very outgoing personality. He is now in a great pet home.

Kingsmark Widget

Widget produced one litter for Kingsmark before being retired to a pet home. She is the sister of WatWat and daughter of Alaadri. She had wonderful, long legs, large ears and a very upright posture which is also important to Serengetis.

Kingsmark Zuka x Kingsmark Bint Bint Bakara


X-CITE is really exciting.  He nice body, good ears and sweet temperment are a joy for me.

TheKarakashKats T x TheKarakashKats M

This lovely boy is bringing a new line of orientals and bengals to Kingsmark. 

Rocky the Great x Zulu Yin


Zulu came from Karakashkats.  She is a sweet strong boned silver girl with good markings.  She will add some outcross lines to Kingsmark serengetis.

Oriental Shorthairs and Bengals that have been used to create foundation Serengetis include the following cats:

Andiescat Shetani of Kingsmark

Shetani was the first Oriental Shorthair used to produce Serengetis. He was bred to a female Bengal in 1995 and sired a single female kitten - Kingsmark Bint Zuleika.

Andiescat Dobro Man of Kingsmark - JD

JD is a pure ebony spotted oriental shorthair. He is quite large for an oriental and has a strong chin. He loves everyone and is very confident, very important considerations when selecting breeding animals. His ears are higher on his head than is desired for an oriental, but certainly not as upright as we want in Serengetis.


Bali is a pure oriental shorthair.  Thank you, Kay, for allowing me to purchase this sweet girl.

Pzazz Sweet Mister

Mister is a beautiful pure ebony spotted oriental shorthair.  He is very out going. I am so lucky that I am able to have him become part of my program.  His kittens were a great addition to my program. He is now in a pet home.

Leopardlane Zuleika

Zuleika was an F3 Bengal female that had large ears and random spotting. She was bred to the solid black Oriental Shorthair - Andiescats Shetani to produce the first Serengeti cat ever registered - Kingsmark Bint Zuleika, known as BZ.  Zuleika is in the pedigree of all Kingsmark Serengetis.


Kingsmark Bengals & Serengetis
Marana, AZ


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