Serengeti Cats

The Serengeti Breed Standard Illustrated

    General Appearance

This female is one of the best current Serengeti’s. She has good ear set and size. Excellently placed wide-set round eyes with good color. Her markings are dark and medium large. She has spots running down her thighs and legs. Her markings need more definition from the ground color. She needs less ticking and her ears could be even larger.
The male to the right is also a very good Serengeti.  He has very good ears, eye size and shape, and expression. His posture is upright. His neck is strong, thick and moderately long in proportion to the body. His tail should be thicker and shorter. 
The male to the left, an ebony spotted silver, has excellent clarity of coat with well-defined spots of good size and well spaced. The spots continue all the way down his legs.  His neck is thick and his profile is nearly perfect. His ears are too small. His body is deep and of proper proportion.  While it is hard to see, his tail is the correct size.

Body Type and Markings

The male on the right has nice color with large, well-defined markings. His neck is thick and his profile is acceptable. His body is strong and tubular, but he is too short legged. His ears are too small.

This young female has nice black, large spots on a fairly clear coat.  Her tail is thin but of the right length. Her profile is acceptable.
This Serengeti has a strong, tubular body, very good tail of proper thickness and length. Her face is good, but her muzzle is a little small. Her ears are good size and placed on top of her head.  Her spots are random and reasonably well defined including down the upper part of her legs.  Her eyes are the correct shape, but her short muzzle makes her eyes look too staring. Her legs need to be longer

Serengeti head, ears and eye shape and expression

Pure oriental

Serengeti-tall but too thin ears;  eyes too almond

Serengeti-ears too flared & too oriental expression

Serengeti – good ear placement – good eyes – needs a little wider whisker pad

Serengeti – nice eye shape and placement – ears should be bigger – face a little short

Serengeti –best head so far – great ear size and placement – large round eyes – good muzzle – nice expression

Nice expression and eyes—ears nice and deep but they need to be larger

Same cat as an adult and as a kitten. Some kittens start with huge ears and grow into them; others seem to do the opposite

These kittens show different ear shape and placement. Of the three I like the one on the right the best as the ears are wider at the base and rounder on top. All need their ears placed higher on there heads and their eyes aren’t round enough or big enough

This kitten is of similar age. Her ears are well placed and fairly rounded. Her eyes are round and of good size for her age. She matured into this lovely queen

Perfect profile- with thick neck, nice curves, correct eye placement. The ears are well placed with deep bell but are too small. Whisker pads of correct proportion

Profiles too long and thin even though both cats have nice deep strong chins and curved planes


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