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I am Karen Sausman, the owner of Kingsmark. In 1994 I decided to create a domestic breed of cat that was modeled on the beautiful African Serval. However, unlike the breed known as Savannah cats, Serengeti cats have NO serval blood.

I bring the same care to the breeding of quality Serengetis that I use with some of the most endangered animals on earth. Indeed, it is my love of all wildlife coupled with the firm conviction that wild animals should not be kept as pets because of the incredible commitment it takes to care for them properly, that lead me to help develop the Serengeti Cats as an exciting and much more fulfilling substitute for owning a wild cat.

Since submitting all of my paperwork to The International Cat Association - TICA in 1994, I have looked carefully for a select group of people that would like to help create this special new breed.  It is virtually impossible for one person to develop a new breed of cat alone.  Lynn Palmer of Mystichills Bengals became the first major TICA breeder to join me.  She has helped tremendously.  There are several smaller breeders that have just gotten involved including some folks in Great Britian.

Working with a new breed takes a lot of patience especially when you are folding two breeds together and selecting for a very specific set of traits.  It takes many generations to set 'breed type'. It is much harder than breeding show quality cats of any established breed because there are so many more variables to contend with.

TICA has registered Serengetis in their Foundation registry and has approved a judging standard.  Serengetis are now able to be shown in Advanced New Breed class in TICA. 

Because breeder quality Serengetis are still very rare, I can not place one unless the person already is breeding and showing some other breed or is willing to make the committment to join TICA.  Thus, every one that wishes to breed Serengetis must become a member of TICA and have a TICA registered cattery.  

I would love to place a breeder quality female in a home in Southern California that would enjoy making a litter or two of kittens in exchange for owning a beautiful cat.

Breeder quality serengeti girls are occasionally available for $600. Breeder quality males start at $1000.

If you are interested in breeding Serengetis, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Kingsmark Bengals & Serengetis
Marana, AZ
Call: 520-616-4649 

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